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Transport Sector - Energy Saving Advices

  1. Correct driving habits are important for energy conservation. Generally, fuel efficiency is maximized when acceleration and braking are minimized.
  2. Avoid excessive weight and unnecessary accessories to save extra fuel expenses by reducing weight, aerodynamic drag, and rolling resistance.
  3. Use good quality lubricant and fuel for high performance and less pollution.
  4. Minimize air conditioning use of the car. Using air conditioning requires the generation of extra power to maintain a given speed.
  5. Switch off the engine if the car is idling.
Regular Maintenance 
  1. Regular servicing of the vehicle makes it more efficient and thereby helps in fuel conservation and emission control. This should include checking of injectors and spark plugs, re-greasing, topping up, or renewal of lubricants for engine and gearboxes.
  2. Keep the vehicle washed and waxed to improve aerodynamics and therefore save fuel consumption.
  3. Keep automobiles fuel filters clean.
  4. A dirty air filter restricts the flow of air into the engine, which harms performance and economy.
  5. Under-inflated tyres have more road friction and rolling resistance in vehicle travelling, which means more fuel is consumed. Inspecting tyres regularly and inflating them to the correct pressure are therefore necessary.