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Principal Group Sub-Group(Note 1&2) Annual Energy Consumption per Internal Floor Area(Note 3)
C1. Private Office C11. Grade A Office 398
C12. Grade B Office 424
C13. Grade C Office 402
C14. Office in Industrial-Office Building 388
C15. Office in Flatted Factory Building 372
C2. Restaurant C21. Chinese Restaurant 9,679
C22. Non-Chinese Restaurant 6,798
C23. Fast Food Shops 7,941
C24. Bars 4,343
C25. Other Eating and Drinking Places 7,999
C3. Retail C31. Food and Drinks Which Involve Cooking, Refrigeration and/or Plumbing Services 4,887
C32. Fuel 1,137
C33. Information, Communication, Electrical and Electronic Equipment 1,673
C34. Other Products 1,207
C4. Accommodations C41. Hotels 1,793
C42. Guest Houses 1,230
C43. Home for the Aged 1,367
C44. Residential Care (for Person With Disabilities) 1,232
C45. Residential Care (Others) 953
C5. Hospitals and Clinics C51. Hospitals 2,611
C52. Government Clinics 1,147
C53. Private Clinics, Medical Practitioner’s Offices 800
C54. Private Dental Clinics 945
C55. Chinese Medicine Practitioners 776
C56. Medical and X-Ray Laboratories 948
C6. Educational Services C61. Universities/ Colleges 993
C62. Adult Education/ Tutorial/ Vocational Schools 446
C63. Secondary Schools 501
C64. Primary Schools 468
C65. Kindergarten 532
C66. Special Education School 391
C67. Performing Art Schools 613
C7. Warehouse C71. Refrigerated Warehouse 1,606
C72. Non-Refrigerated Warehouse 310
C8. Personal Services C81. Tele-communications Network Operation and Other Tele-communications Activities 1,086
C82. Real Estate Brokerage and Agency 1,885
C83. Veterinary, Pets and Animal Services 1,091
C84. Laundry and Dry-cleaning Services 6,089
C85. Repairing of Electrical/Electronic Goods, Household Items 1,180
C86. Repairing of Motor Vehicles and Motorcycles 435
C87. Beauty and Body Prettifying Services 1,139
C88. Travel Agency 844
C89. Fitness Centre and Sports Activities 643
C810. Domestic Banking 1,399
C811. Photographic Activities (Studios) 1,444
C812. Motion Picture Projection Activities 1,301
C813. Creative and Performing Art Activities (Studios) 486
C814. Pawnshops, Money Changers and Foreign Exchange Brokers 1,956
C815. Courier Services 541
C816. Renting of Books, Dressing and Other Personal and Household Items 447
C817. Internet, Game and Other Entertainment Centres 2,061
C818. Design Services 720
C9. Premises – Common Area C91. Common Areas of Grade A Office Premises 2,724
C92. Common Areas of Grade B Office Premises 2,912
C93. Common Areas of Grade C Office Premises 1,194
C94. Common Areas of Industrial-Office Premises 956
C95. Common Areas of Flatted Factory Premises 412
C96. Common Areas of Commercial Complex/ Shopping Arcades 2,983
C97-98. Common Areas of Residential Premises 544
C10. Government Office Building / 669



  1. Definition of each subgroup is shown in the glossary.
  2. For the building based benchmarking tool applicable to commercial building in Hong Kong, please refer to the following EMSD's website:
  3. Stakeholders are encouraged to consider these energy utilization indexes as one way, but not the only way, of improving their energy performance with respect to the past. Comparisons of indicators between business operations within the same sector should be made with caution. Businesses in the same subgroup may be operating under different economic, environmental and operational constraints, causing different energy performance. The business processes in different business subgroups are inherently varied resulting in different achievable energy performance levels. The energy utilization indexes are derived from studies on a limited size of samples within the population of respective energy-consuming groups. These indicators should not be construed as representative energy consumption levels of the population, nor as territory-wide standards which businesses in the respective energy-consuming groups should comply with.