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Principal Group Sub-Group(Note 1) Annual Energy Consumption per Saleable Floor Area(Note 2)
R1. Public Housing - Public Rental Flats / 841
R2. Private Housing R21. Housing Society (HS) Subsidized Sale Flats 762
R22. Private Residential Flats 628
R23. Houses 737
R3. Housing Authority (HA) Subsidized Sale Flats / 555



  1. Definition of each subgroup is shown in the glossary
  2. Stakeholders are encouraged to consider these energy utilization indexes as one way, but not the only way, of improving their energy performance with respect to the past. Comparisons of indicators within the same sector should be made with caution. The energy performance are affected by a number of factors such as housekeeping habit, household size and much dependent on the living standard pursued by the stakeholder. The energy utilization indexes are derived from studies on a limited size of samples within the population of respective energy-consuming groups. These indicators should not be construed as representative energy consumption levels of the population, nor as territory-wide standards which stakeholders in the respective energy-consuming groups should comply with.